The Map

A father was taking care of his children and tried to entertain them,
but without success. It was a rainy Saturday and the kids were bored.
They started to annoy the father with their impatience and unstoppable talking.
Suddenly the man got an idea.
He took a magazine from a shelf and started to look through
it looking for a map of the world printed on one of the pages.
He tore it off and cut it into very small pieces.
Then he mixed them and put the pile on the floor, just like puzzles.
Then he gave his children a task to fit them together to set the map back.
He hoped to silence the kids for a longer time.
He left them and went to make himself some coffee.
Imagine his amazement when he came back after five minutes
and found the map already correctly and carefully set back.

- How did you manage to set the map so quickly? – He asked surprised with their skills.

- That was easy – said the younger of the brothers
- You told us to set the map of the world.
When we first looked at the pieces we did not know where to start.
We thought we wouldn’t be able to do it.
But then we noticed that on the opposite side there is a photo of a man.
So we just rearranged the puzzles, then we turned them and… the world appeared.

- Yes, Dad – spoke the other brother – That was easy.
When a man is set properly, the world is also OK…


Author unknown


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